Electrifying Motorsports

We are eMotorsports Cologne

Who we are

not the typical kind of students – Working on a complex self-developed racecar alongside the studies


Since 2009 the students of eMotorsports Cologne are building electrically driven racecars – passionate engineering located at the TH Köln, Germany. Every season new highly motivated team members from different studies organise themselves, develope and manufacture racecars for Formula Student competitions. Driven by forward-looking innovation and dedication every car becomes unique.


Started in 2009 with the first electric Formula Student car based on the CC08 from our combustion team we are building our 11th racecar with the eMC20. Throughout the years there is a constant development in all departments of the car. At first there were just a few students with this idea who started the challenging journey. Today we count over 20 students who embody the long-lived team spirit of eMotorsports Cologne.

Mission & Vision

We want to be pioneers, foster innovation and shape the future of e-mobility. A car that unites state-of-the-art engineering and cutting-edge technology – EVERY SINGLE SEASON!

Our Management

We have three managers working hard to guarantee the success of the team

How we work



Where’d you get that Body from?

The Chassis department is responsible for the carbon monocoque and the parts which the driver is directly in contact with. These guys make sure that the driver is safe at all times. However, they have to find a compromise between strenght and weight of the monocoque, considering advantages and disadvantages of both perspectives in the process.


Driver Ergonomics

Interior Design/Driver Comfort.

The Driver Ergonomics department is responsible for the driver comfort.


Battery & Electronics

Unlimited power.

The Battery and Electronics departement supplies the whole car and every system with the power it needs to work. Without a well designed electrical system the informations of the car would go to the wrong places resulting in many errors. And most importantly they make sure that the car has enough fuel during the events to compete at a 100%



In downforce we trust.

The aerodynamics department is responsible for increasing the car´s performance by redirecting the air flow around the car. With aerodynamic devices like wings or a rear diffuser they ensure that the car is pressed to the ground, which increases the car´s grip and makes it able to travel through corners much faster. Due to strict rules “the aeronauts” must be extremely creative whilst creating a well working aero package.



Sailing through corners.

The Suspension department makes more than just connecting the wheels to the monocoque. They manage the cornering behavior with every adjustment they do. Without a great set up the car is not able to show its full potential. Therefore the Suspension team is crucial to the success of the car.

pedalerie freigestellt


I’m going off the rails on a powertrain.

The Powertrain departement is responsible for all the parts which transfer the power from the motors to the wheels. Without them our cars would not be able to drive around as fast as they are now.



The future is here.

Driverless designs, tests and builds the autonomous driving hardware and software to allow the car to swiftly move through corners without the weight of a human slowing it down.


Rapid Prototyping

Design -> Hardware as quick as possible.

Our Rapid Prototyping team is responsible for creating designs digitally and bringing them to the real world as fast as possible using 3D printing and other innovative technologies.



Let everyone know.

Marketing does what marketing does, they design, plan and execute marketing campaigns to let the world know about our cars and racing.